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We begin today on a low-key note, compelled not by our vision but rather by our assets to do so. We make a basic appeal in the meantime: read us, offer and tweet our content, and send us your feedback to support@newsheadlines.co.in.

Can we view the media as a cooperative process in the open arena between writers, readers, and a concerned public, rather than the typical forms of family-owned, corporate-subsidized, and controlled or promoting-driven newspaper, websites, and television channels? a system in which editorial decisions about what to report on and how they report it, who to recruit, and where to dispatch a journalist or photographer are made solely on the basis of competent judgment, rather than on the basis of what a publisher, a legislator, a government authority, or a publicist may think or require.

In a vote-based system, this is the bare minimum that users or viewers might reasonably expect. However, the plan of action that sustains the majority of Indian news media only sometimes provides editors with the opportunity they require. More regrettably, it has gradually eroded effective norms of disclosure and contaminated the media biological system with harmful activities such as unrestrained editorialising, paid news, and ‘private settlements.’ Progressively, media organisations are becoming more hesitant to spend money on newsgathering; and as they develop auxiliary business premiums and the number of ‘off-limits regions’ increases, their newsrooms are subjected to more inadvertent blow-back – particularly because these premiums are frequently based on proximity to government officials and civil service employees. Is anyone shocked that users have begun to notice the collapse of expert principles, the infiltration of moral values, and the deterioration of product quality? They are currently under the impression that they have been misled.

The News Headlines will be devoted entirely to the public’s interest and to the righteous values of the world. Beyond providing definitive study and critique, the goal, as our assets grow, is to establish ourselves as a stage fueled by classic writing on problems of public and global importance and fascination. Being on the internet also entails taking advantage of new media developments to alter the way in which stories are told. With information and comprehensible graphs, video and sound are key components of the account structure when they are justified.

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